Copper, silver, and lapis lazuli square bangle

Copper, silver, and lapis lazuli square bangle


Lapis lazuli is a combination of lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. This bracelet features a large lapis lazuli square joined by sterling silver wire to heavier copper wire for an overall look that's warm, simple, elegant, and casual, all at the same time.

Fun fact! If you shine a black light on it, the calcite will fluoresce orange! Try it! It's so cool!

The wire is finished with a soft patina and protective wax coating. The wax will eventually wear off and the copper will darken. Either enjoy the process or occasionally polish with one of our Sunshine polishing cloths (it literally takes a minute).

Size: 2.5" inner diameter, 7.85" inner circumference (Buying as a gift? This is an average, medium/large.)


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