Etched agate and foldformed copper earrings

Etched agate and foldformed copper earrings


When I was 6, my family drove to Copper Harbor, Michigan, as far as we could go and still be in Michigan (if we had driven the same distance in the other direction, we would have ended up in Tennessee!). We visited a restaurant in Copper Harbor, and a man at the restaurant gave me a copper nugget. To 6-year-old me, it was a precious treasure! Thus began my love for copper, which has only deepened over time.

I hammered these copper discs using a technique called foldforming. It involves lots of folding and hammering and unfolding and hammering some more until the pieces are just right (that's the simplified version)! It's one of my favorite techniques. I paired the copper discs with etched agate beads; the bands on the beads echo the fold lines on the copper.

These are so wonderful with earth tones!

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2.25" in length.


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