Copper bangle with silver rivets

Copper bangle with silver rivets


This simple copper bangle is perfect for casual wear or for a touch of industrial chic or steampunk.

Heavy gauge copper wire is hammered flat at the ends, drilled, and joined together with sterling silver rivets. The bracelet is finished with a soft patina and protective wax coating. The wax will eventually wear off and the metal will darken. Either enjoy the process or occasionally polish with one of our Sunshine polishing cloths (it literally takes a minute).

Choose from four sizes, or tell me if you need a different size.

  1. S: 2.25" inner diameter, 7.06" inner circumference

  2. M: 2.375" inner diameter, 7.45" inner circumference

  3. M/L: 2.5" inner diameter, 7.85" inner circumference

  4. L: 2.625" inner diameter, 8.25 inner circumference


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