Stamped copper bangle : CHOOSE YOUR OWN WORDS

Stamped copper bangle : CHOOSE YOUR OWN WORDS


Would you like a copper bangle personalized with your own intention, mantra, favorite quote, or other text? I can do that!

If you choose short words, I can repeat them around the entire bracelet (on the bracelet shown, "clarity" and "focus" each appear three times, alternating around the bangle). You can choose any text you want!*

I cut a strip of copper and stamp the letters on the metal, drill a hole in each end, bend the strip into a circle and attach the ends to each other with a sterling silver rivet, work harden the metal so it will keep its shape, and gIve the copper a nice patina.

0.25" wide.

After you click "Add to Cart," a form will appear for you to enter your bracelet size and desired text.

Custom orders are not returnable unless defective. Make sure you enter your text correctly.

*I reserve the right not to stamp sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive messages.


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