Riin Gill Design is a one woman company. I'm Riin. I make simple, honest jewelry out of sterling silver, copper, natural stones, and occasionally found objects in my small home studio.

What's going to happen

What's going to happen

We finally had the meeting with the township last night, the one we've been waiting for for months! They approved our plans for an Airbnb, so we can finally move into the house we bought back in October! (We didn't move sooner because if they didn't approve the plan, we would have to sell the house.)

There are still some things we need to do to the house before we can move in. Rob has done a lot, but he didn't want to do everything since we didn't know if we could keep it. But in a few weeks, we'll be moving.

I'm going through stuff again, and I'll be getting rid of a lot more stuff.

I am soooo looking forward to having a new studio! There's a counter in the room that will be my studio, and if I do my hammering there, it will be much easier on my body.

See these earrings?

Silver and copper flower earrings

Cute, huh?

What you don't see is how much pain I was in the day after I made them. Yeah, that is not good. I can't make things that cause me to be in too much pain to work the next day. (They'll be for sale eventually, but I need to work out a price when I can make another pair that doesn't cause me pain. Things that don't cause me pain take less time to make.)

Another thing that's going to happen: I decided to do about three shows a year. Indoor shows only, not too far away from home. I'm still investigating which shows to apply for. (If you know of a show which might be a good fit for me and my work, please let me know!)

Ok, back to sorting stuff into Keep, Sell, Give Away, and Throw Out.

New intentions, new "choose your own" option, new payment plan!

New intentions, new "choose your own" option, new payment plan!