Riin Gill Design is a one woman company. I'm Riin. I make simple, honest jewelry out of sterling silver, copper, natural stones, and occasionally found objects in my small home studio.


Hey there! Welcome to Riin Gill Design! There is so much I want to write about in this space, though not all at once...

The thing that fascinates me about jewelry is that people have been wearing jewelry for as long as we have been people, which makes me wonder, do we have some innate primal urge to adorn ourselves? What happens psychologically, neurologically, when we bond with a particular stone and wear it? I want to know these things.

It also fascinates me that new stones are still being discovered. There are a lot of stones that only exist in one particular area since that was where the conditions were just right to form that stone. Geology fascinates me!

As a maker, I am constantly looking at pieces of jewelry and reverse engineering them in my head, figuring out what steps one would take to make a particular piece and in what order the steps must be taken. There are a lot of metalsmithing skills that I have not yet mastered, but I know in my head what I would need to do. My hands will catch up over time. The hard part will be not trying to do everything.

I know sterling silver, copper, semi-precious gemstones, and found objects hold the most appeal to me, and that's what I will be using in my work. I have no interest in gold or diamonds. They simply don't appeal to me. They don't speak to me. Amber and I have long conversations. Jasper and I talk for hours. Labradorite and I are BFFs.

What stones speak to you?


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