Riin Gill Design is a one woman operation. I'm Riin. I like to make pretty things out of metal and rocks. You can call me a jewelry artist, a metalsmith, or a maker.

I work primarily in sterling silver and copper, and I love these two metals together. They're like ice cream and hot fudge. But without the calories. And they won't attract ants.

I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my partner Rob, a rabbit who likes to nudge my ankles, and the world's friendliest cat. When I'm not at the bench in my home studio, I like to go for walks in the woods or knit and watch DVDs (I've been watching Doctor Who since the Jon Pertwee days, baby!).

Since you're probably wondering, or maybe you're pronouncing it wrong in your head, Riin rhymes with green. It also rhymes with serpentine, which is one of my favorite stones. And serpentine is usually green. Cool, eh? The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Riin likes green serpentine.